Alaska State Improv Festival

April 23 - 26, 2020

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Welcome to The Alaska State Improv Festival

Now entering its eighth year, AS IF will invite improvisors from around the world to perform in Juneau, Alaska's capital city.

Submissions for the 2020 festival will be accepted during the month of September at The Improv Network.

About the shows

The Alaska State Improv Festival has historically selected ensembles that are not only talented, but also stretch the audience's percenption of what improv can be.

AS IF also creates opportunities for performers to play with people from other communities. These shows have taken many forms, based on the composition of that year's talent pool.

Why Perform at AS IF?

It's a Great Festival!

The vast majority of surveyed participants say that AS IF exceeded their expectations. Enjoy attractive facilities, supportive audiences, and all the great shows!

It's Social!

AS IF offers opportunities to meet with fellow performers. With hotels and venues all centrally located, it's also easy to make impromptu plans!

It's Spring in Alaska!

Check Alaska off your bucket list! While you're at it, take the AS IF whale watching tour at a great rate and with the best company!


"The long and the short of it is that attending ASIF is like summer camp for adults. You make new friends, you experience new highs, you get to see some of the best performers in the world at the height of their game, and you get to experience Juneau, Alaska in a way that you truly will never be able to experience outside of the festival. It’s magical. It’s personal. It’s beautiful. The Alaska State Improv Festival – the best festival I’ve ever attended! There, I said it." Mike Brown, Mike Brown's Solo Improv Extravaganza via The Improv Network

"It’s like getting welcomed, ever so briefly into a little secret art community and have the chance to share your art and learn from theirs and then go home. I’m actually torn now because I would desperately love to submit a show to visit again next year, but I’d almost feel guilty of robbing some other performer a chance to experience such a thing." - Bill Binder, The Improv Network

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